Friday, February 18, 2011

[Share]BSNL- get 3g speed by paying for 2g[Share]

well guys i am using this for quite sometime and i think i should share this with u all.

u can get 3g speed by just paying for 2g gprs


1. 3g enabled handsets/ data card
2. a bsnl 2g sim prepaid- if u dont have go n buy 1 if u want to use. - cost of 2g sim is 20rs and if u pay 46rs extra bsnl will give u 1 year validity.

what u have to do.

1 .recharge with 274rs for unlimited gprs for 1 mnth.

2. get the bsnlnet settings from the customer care by calling them(if u dont have it)

3. go to network setting of ur phone. change from automatic mode to 3g/utms

4. select cellone 3g network.

then connect ur phone to ur pc. start ur pcsuit. connect to net.
in connection setting of ur pc suit put 'bsnlnet' in the access point. leave username n pass blank and connect.. u should minimum get 150kBps speed

factors on which the speed depends.
1. number of people accessing 3g in ur area
2. network strength in ur location
3. speed of the phone/datacard

enjoy guys.


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