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Friday, June 22, 2012

MOL Points Hack Generator

Today we’re fulfilling a couple of requests for a MOL Points Hack and MOL Points Generator. The last request came from Stealth95. Before we continue with the release, our staff want to discuss an important matter with the community.


This week have been a mess for the Internet and us. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Megaupload has been shut down by the FBI. This affects us because we use Megaupload as one of our file mirrors. The problem doesn’t stop there. File hosting sites similar to Megaupload also began to shutdown or make their services private. For example, Filesonic is only for personal sharing now. DMCA  don’t matter anymore. Can you imagine what it will be like if SOPA/PIPA actually passed? I doubt our website will even exist if it does pass. Just think, if the FBI can do this to Megaupload without the SOPA/PIPA imagine what it can do with the rest of the websites on the internet. We must protect our Internet. We must protect our Freedom.
With mirrors being taken down and file hosting websites becoming afraid, we had to move to a new download mirror. Multiupload was no longer stable and offering broken mirrors. It’s been a busy week for the staff re-uploading all of our websites to different websites to test for speed and reliability.
We know we have an active community – we need to fight to make the difference.
Now that we have provided the community what’s been going on, let’s go to the release!
MOL Points is similar to the gift card that can be used for multiple games. Free MOL Points can be used for over 430 game titles online currently. This is a real treat to the community. Some of these games include:
  • World of Warcraft
  • 1 Empire
  • Boomz
  • Bs Online
  • Go Kart Online

Runescape Gold Generator

Another popular request is being released today. For all your Runescape fans, theRunescape Gold Generator is here. This is the safest generator that will not require any of  your account information such as your Bank PIN or your password. The program will only ask for your username (or it wouldn’t know who to give the gold to!). Safety is the number one priority for our community. Check out the safety features we added by reading on or checking the screenshots included.


We have been working hard to create this program and it is finally ready to be released! With this Runescape gold generator you will be able to add an unlimited amount of RSGP to your Runescape bank. There is a limit on how much you can add at once due to the way the value of the gold is stored in the game memory. This gold-exploit hack is completely new and will not be patched by Jagex. The most important point is that your account is completely safe from bans. The game and moderators will think the gold was collected yourself.

Instructions for using Runescape Gold Generator

This is a very simple generator to add gold to our bank. It will only take a few steps before you can have all the Runescape gold you want.
  1. Enter your username of your Runescape account into Runescape gold generatorprogram. No password or bank pin is needed!
  2. Enter the amount of gold you want to add to your bank or you can use “Randomize Gold” option. “Randomize Gold” is safety option that will generate a random gold amount to add to your Bank account. This makes it less obvious if one of Jagex moderators were to check your account. The amount the program will pick will be between 2 million and the max amount of gold it can add at once (2,147,483,647 gold).
  3. Select the safety feature you want to enable. It is recommended to use hide IP address and change MAC address. Delay add is an optional feature.  With Delay add enabled, gold will not be instantly added to your account. It will take 3-7 days (random) for all the gold you want to be added to your Bank.
  4. Wait for the status update and enjoy your free Runescape gold from the generator! If you need to read the instructions again, you can also click “Instructions” in the program and the same instructions above will show up.

Battle Pirates Hack for Facebook

Battle Pirates Hack, one of the first programs created by our community users. Normally we keep our programs created by our community in the private forums, but since it was requested heavily by other users to release it publicly, we decided to do exactly that. This Battle Pirates Hack trainer is the safest trainer you can find on the Internet. We included all safe features that will not get your account banned. All of the features has been tested heavily through multiple accounts and community members. You can be sure your account is safe. All hack features is undetected.

List of Battle Pirates Hack included

  • Instant Resources
  • Instant Upgrade
  • Instant Build
  • Instant Ship Build
  • Instant Research
  • Instant Ship Repair
  • Instant Repair
  • Instant Fortify
  • Instant Turret
  • Instant Refit
  • All hacks checks Removed – Your account will be safe and you wouldn’t be banned.
  • Records to Game Server Removed – The game server will not keep a record and log of your actions while you play the game. They can’t ban you without proof!
  • More Capacity for Resources
  • You can change your base name unlimited times! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
  • Rank ships upgrade instantly! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
  • Complete blueprints instantly! (You will have the ability to buy with unlimited credits.)
  • Instant Land Tiles (New Feature!)
  • Auto update feature – Don’t ever worry about new patches for the game, the trainer will be updated automatically every time!

Ninja Saga Token Hack

This Ninja Saga Hack release was delayed due to our big downtime we experienced recently. The downtime lasted for roughly around 34 hours. If support didn’t promised that it will be fixed in 6 hours, we would have moved to a new host provider right away. All of our staffs are glad the website came back and they looked forward to this program release. Our Ninja Saga trainer is much easier to use compared to the video guides of using Cheat Engine. Our trainer only uses hotkeys or if you prefer you can just click to enable the hacks. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ease for getting free Ninja Saga token hack.
For those that are not familiar with the game, here is a small introduction to it. Ninja Saga is a Social Networking Site video game developed by Emagist Entertainment for Facebook. Ninja Saga, while being an online video game, is geared for casual players. The game was inspired by the Naturo anime, and a lot of facets of Ninja Saga will be familiar for Naruto fans. I don’t think anyone would argue with me that this is a Naturo rip! All the names and ninjutsu are the same!
Let’s get straight to the release. We understand you want to cheat Ninja Saga. Below you can watch our video showing you how to use our cheat for Ninja Saga (2012). To download the software, click the download button below the video.


Ninja Saga Hack Features

  • Automatic Level Up Hack – Activate the hack by using the hotkey F1. This will allow you to level up 1 level every  3 seconds until you hit the max level. Instant level is possible, but it is detected by the game. Your character will be deleted instantly if you level instantly to the max level. The delay we added is safe andundetected!
  • Unlimited Gold Hack – When enabled, the hack will keep your gold at max. If you purchase an item, the gold will remain the same (maxed) until you disable the hack by pressing F2.
  • Unlimited Token Hack - This hack is similar to the gold hack, instead it is for tokens.
  • God Mode – No trainer will be complete without God Mode. This hack will keep your health at max and it will never go down from damage.
  • Max CP – Works the same way as God Mode. It will keep you CP max, so you will always be able to cast  ninjutsu.
  • Add 250 Talent Point – Every time you press the hotkey F6,  250 talent points will be added to your character. This is the max amount you can add at once without triggering the anti-cheat system.
  • Learn Amterasu – This is a very popular hack in the Ninja Saga community. It allows you to add one of the best skill to your character.

DDtank Coins Hack – Aimbot Trainer AIO

DDtank Coins Hack Trainer v3.0 with Aimbot is finally ready for public release! Our coders having been working hard on this one. We know most of our community is busy playing Diablo 3, so we were unsure if anyone would bother to play DDtank anymore. If you haven’t got your copy of Diablo 3, check out  our Diablo 3 CD Key generator found here.
For anyone that hasn’t played the game, it is pretty much a GUB clone with a twist. In short, DDtank includes a set of constant items you can use. Like Gunbound, you can choose enough items to fill up 3 large slots. Most of our coders were previous Gunbound players, so they knew exactly what hacks our community needs to  dominate DDtank. The obvious one being an aimbot. We have also include many other features into the DDtank hack that can be useful. If you want to know more about the game, please continue read after the features to learn more about DDtank.

The game is quite enjoyable, but it is unfair for players without real money to afford features like VIP. You might also be a player that don’t have enough time to get enough voucher and medals from completing tasks and goals. It might even be worse if you can’t aim and hit your opponent accurately before they kill you. All these problems are solved with our DDtank hack.
If you haven’t seen the screenshots of the trainer, you might be wondering what features are included to hack DDtank. Let’s talk about how to use the trainer properly and the features included .

Features – General

  • No level requirement (F1) - We know a lot of new players want to enter the firing range to practice before playing with other new players. This was a highly requested feature from our beta testers. You can enable this hack using F1. When enabled, you will be able to enter the auction house, firing range, boatyard, etc at any level even at level 1.
  • 0 Cost Auction & Shop (F2) - Everything in the auction and shop will be for free. This is a very powerful exploit we found in the game. You can also “dupe” in the auction shop using this method since the player selling the item will receive the selling amount.
  • Unlimited Coin (F3) - Your coins will be maxed out and frozen until you disable this feature. It is your personal DDtank coin hack!
  • Unlimited Voucher & Medal (F4) - Your vouchers and medal will be maxed out and frozen until you disable this feature similiar to the DDtank coin hack above.
  • Auto-complete Goals  & Taks - This feature will save you a lot of thing. All available Goals and Tasks will be completed when you activate this hack. The only downside to this hack is that you have to redeem all the rewards by yourself.

Features – In-game Hack

  • Perfect Aimbot (F5) - With this aimbot, you will  never miss again. When you activate the aimbot, it will calculate the amount of power you need for your shots. A marker will be drawn based on your angle to your player of your choice. You select the player by targeting him with left click. A market will show up on your power bar when it is your turn. If you ever used a Gunbound aimbot, it is the exact same thing.
  • God Mode (F6) - With God Mode enabled, you will never die no matter how many hits you take from your enemies.
  • No Delay on Turns (F7) - All your moves will cause 0 delay, which means it will always be your turn until your allies or opponents have 0 delay too. If you are playing 1v1, then it will always be your turn after their first move.
  • Unlimited Teleport (F8) - With this feature enabled, you will always have a teleport available for use. Unless they have our aimbot, they will never hit you!
  • DDtank VIP unlock (Lifetime) - This will unlock VIP for your account for life! VIP will never expire.

Instructions for DDtank Hack Trainer v3

  1. First, you must log onto DDtank before you open the trainer.
  2. After the trainer have loaded completely, select your Internet Browser. If you want you can use Auto-Detect.
  3. Once the status says the browser is detected, you may begin to use any of the hacks. You can enable the hacks by checking them off or using the  labeled hotkeys.

Nexon NX Cash Card Generator v3 Get free NX codes!

Today we will be releasing 3 generators which use our redesigned generating algorithm v2 which was used since in our Black Ops Key Generator. You can find the Black Ops Key Generator on the sidebar. The new NX (Nexon) cash code card algorithms will never generate a key more than once – it is 100% unique & genuine. It is also guaranteed to work as the algorithm in each program follows the cards code we obtained through stores. We hope you enjoy your free NX cash, but remember not to abuse the NX Generator. You can start playing Combat Arms, the way you want it with Combat Arms NX!
Watch the video below for instructions on using our software. Don’t forget to click full screen and HD for the best quality and visibility.

First we start off with Nexon NX Cash Generator v2, now v3. This generator is probably one of our most successful programs which helped us gained popularity. I’m sure v2, now v3, will be no difference against it is updated by the previous coders. There is a reason that Hacking Edge is the number source for free game codes generator. We hoping to expand our reach by mkaing more hack trainers and bots. You don’t have to worry, we wouldn’t forget our roots. We hope to update NX cash generator to v4 after hearing more feedback from our large community. We have already 11,000 Facebook fans and growing! Go ahead and share this treat will all your friends using the Facebook like button above and the Share button below.
Version 3 for this generator has finally been released. You should see how much better it is compared to version 2 (and yes we decided to use the actual Nexon logo).
We gave it a new look and a new way to select which amount you want to generate. It is more user-friendly now. Version 3 is much faster at generating nx cash codes even though you can generate more than one at a time.  You and your friends can enjoy the free Nexon Cash. When you have Nexon Cash to redeem, you can use it for their games only; these games include MapleStory, Maplestory Adventures (Facebook Game), Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, Pop Tag, Vindictus, and their newest game Dragon Nest. We found that most of our users use our NX generator Nexon games such as Maplestory and Combat Arms. These two games are probably the most important offered by Nexon.
You can redeem the codes from nx generator on Nexon website. The NX cash goes into your Nexon account, it doesn’t matter which game you use the free codes on.


Download NX Cash Card Generator v3 below and get your free NX cash codes:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Burp Suite Professional V1.4.01 Free

                                                                   Download Link:


Sunday, May 13, 2012





[UPDATED MAY 13] Assassin's Creed 3 Beta Key [FREE]


[UPDATED MAY 12] Borderlands 2 Beta Keys [FREE]


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Call of duty 4 BlueHook 1.3b by Wessie 2012

 Hack status
 Punkbuster Status: Undetected

 Auto Aim
  Auto Shoot
  Auto Zoom
  Aim Key
  Aim Through Walls (Simple / Advanced) ~ NEW!
  Trigger bot
  Stealth aim (100% invisible, unlike other hacks) ~ NEW!
  View lock
  Customizable FOV limit
  Customizable Prediction value
 Name ESP
  Box ESP
  Pickup ESP (shows the names of weapons on the ground)
  Weapon ESP
  Explosive ESP
  Airstrike ESP
  Helicopter ESP
  Team Filter (team / enemys / both)
 No Recoil
  No Spread (all your bullets will go to the same spot when not aiming down sight !REAL!) ~ 
  2D Radar
  Kill Stats
  Music Player
  Info bar
 DVAR Unlocker
  Kill sounds
  Kill spam
  Kill icons (with fade out effect)
Spree text
Anti death
Virus scan  ---  click scan 


UPDATED][FEB 2012] Sharecash Downloader 2012 v16 [NEW]

Presenting with my latest invention. This is AIO Premium Download which along with downloading from all free Premium file hosting & some other sites like Megaupload, rapidshare would also download from survey sites like Sharecash, Dengee & FileIce. Sounds awesome?

How To Use:
Just paste your download link in first textbox (refer to supported file hosters above) and then click generate button, copy the direct link in second text box and paste in web-browser or simple click download button for automatic download. More detailed instructions can be found inside the tool by clicking "How to use" button.


Friday, March 2, 2012

[UPDATED][FEB 2012] Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta Activation Key Generator


[UPDATED] [FEB 2012] Skype Credit Generator 2012-tested and working!

New Skype Credit Generator 2012-tested and working!
1:First of all Download this tool, by Clicking Download Button.
2:Now Enter Skype Username and Password.
3:Select Skype Credits Which you want to Get.
4:Now click on Get Credits.By Doing this you will get Credits of Skype.
5:The last Step is to Open Official Skype and Call everyone which you want


[UPDATED][FEB 2012] New iTunes Gift Card Hack $50 $100 200$ - FREE $20 iTunes Card Code

Instructions :

1. Run iTunes Prepaid 2012.rar and extract the files
2. Run iTunes Prepaid 2012 Generator.exe
3. Select the value of gift card you want to generate
4. Generate, copy, and redeem!
5. Share with your friends through Facebook Like or Tweet on top!

About idea:

Although most of us download our music through Limewire or torrents -- some of us prefer having high quality music from iTunes. Most of the music rips uploaded online is 
from radio rips or speaker rips. 

Now you can always get high quality music downloads with our iTunes Gift Card Generator. This is 100% safe and it wouldn't be detected by Apple. It is recommended that you only generate a code when you need to refill your account. This is the safest way -- the VIP members have 
been doing it for months without problem.


[UPDATED][FEB 2012] Diablo 3 Beta Keys Generator

1. Download Diablo 3 Beta Code Generator by Clicking Download Button. 
3. Save the file in your desktop and open it
4. Select the Generator Tab on the application and generate your redeem code! Then download the Setup from the Blizzard Server and install the Game!

1. Click Download Icon
2. Complete a short survey - Complete free survey dont need to pay nothing (It takes 1-3 minutes to complete)
3. Download will start automatically 
4. Use Generator - Enjoy


UPDATED][FEB 2012] Minecraft Gift Code Generator 2012 Free Download

Minecraft Gift Code Generator
New and working Minecraft Gift Code Generator. 

What is Gift Code Generator?
With this tool you will generate gift codes for free and will have Premium Minecraft Account.

Gift codes are unique and generate specially for unique login. You should enter generated code on the and your account will be change to Premium Account and you will can play legally on all Minecraft servers.

It’s very simple tool. You should only enter your login from and click “generate gift code”.

Our Minecraft Gift Code Generator was made possible by the tedious hard work of our team collecting hundreds to thousands of Minecraft gift codes and analyzing all the codes as a whole using an algorithm cracking program to work out how the Minecraft gift codes are calculated. The generator that we have devised has a 93% success rate, with only a small amount of the generated codes that don t work.

1.    Download the generator
2.    Run it and enter your login from
3.    Click “generate gift code” and generating will be start
4.    After few seconds you will see gift code
5.    Login on the and go here:
6.    Enter the code and click “Redeem code”
7.    Congratulations! You now have a premium account unique login. You should enter generated code on the and your account will be change to Premium Account and you will can play legally on all Minecraft servers.

[UPDATED][FEB 2012] Free xBox Live Microsoft Points Codes

Microsoft Points

Download your free xBox Live Microsoft Points codes directly from out website. No need for bullsh*t generators that doesn’t work or contains viruses that mess up your computer, we do the code generating and supplies you with a valid code of your choice in a matter of minutes. Our Microsoft Points codes are generated on our high-speed servers that are up and running 24/7.
Why are we doing this?
Because we love gaming and would want to share the technology we have so that you can enjoy your time infront of your xBox just as much as we do!
Why are there so many different Microsoft Points codes?
Because we’re all different. Some of us might not need as many points as others and therefore we give them the chance to download a smaller amount. All of the Microsoft Ponts are free to download, no matter how many you choose. We just like to have options. =)
How can I redeem my Microsoft Points codes?
All instructions are given to you inside the text file you get when downloading your MP code. These codes will work just as regular purchased codes and there will be no difference in redeeming them.
Can I get caught?
No, as we said above, these codes are all working just as normal Microsoft Point codes and there will be no way of tracking who is using our free ones compared to the purchased ones. We update out generator alogrithms every time we notice that the codes are not working anymore. So don’t worry about it, we got your back on this!
If you have any questions about these xBox Live Microsoft Points Codes or anything related to it then feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll try to respond as soon as possible! have a great day/night! :)

20343 codes generated.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

[LATEST][HACK] Facebook Credits Generator 2012

Facebook Credits Generator 2012
Download free Facebook Credit Generator 2012 - Facebook Credit Generator update every month and working 100%

How to get free Facebook Credits with our generator?
Facebook Credits Card codes was used to develop this program. They are purchased in form of gift cards from large retail stores such as Target and Walmart. Facebook Credits can also be converted from prepaid Rixty gift cards. There are many other ways to earn Facebook Credits like Shopkick, ifeelgoods, AppDog, and Bing Rewards. You can forget all of that with our Facebook Credits Generator.
We cracked the algorithm after many attempts. We have been generating working Facebook Credits codes at a 100% success rate. The codes redeem $15 worth of Facebook Credits. $1 is worth one Facebook Credits. It is probably subject to change in the future.
Facebook Credits can be used for most of the Facebook games and apps on Facebook. There is a long list on Facebook help pages. Some of these games include Bite Me, Cafe Life, Diner Dash, Farmville, (fluff)Friends, and a lot more!

1. Click Download Icon
2. Complete a short survey - Complete free survey dont need to pay nothing (It takes 1-3 minutes to complete)
3. Download will start automatically
4. Use Generator - Enjoy

If you have problem and can't download from black icon try blue download icon.


                                                          Downloaded 342 times