Sunday, February 12, 2012

[LATEST] Free Spotify Premium Code Generator

Looking for free Spotify premium codes? Then I suppose you have hit a goldmine because we have just released our very own Spotify premium code generator (SPCG) for you to use though our website. That’s right, we don’t ask you to download anything except your text file with the generated Spotify premium code in it.

How it works:
1. Hit the button that says “generate”
2. Our Spotify premium generator script will generate a code.
3. It will be put in to a text file.
4. You simply download the text file with the code.
5. Redeem your Spotify premium PIN code at spotify’s redeem page.

Generate Premium Code 

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The Spotify premium code lasts for 12 months just like a regular premium code and has all the features that Spotify offers to their premium users. Such as: Unlimited music without ads, Spotify on your mobile, offline mode for playlists, take your music abroad and enhanced sound quality.
The Spotify premium code generator will be updated for as long as we see a need for it. It has already been updated several times and we’re trying to keep up with all the changes. The  generator itself was coded by a fellow member of our community (IgniteWWW) which is a very professional programmer. All credits goes to him.
If you have any questions about the generator or the code generated then feel free to leave a comment or send us an email though our contact form. Please note that it might take a day or two before we reply due to our busy schedules.


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